IBPS IT Officer – Professional Knowledge Book, Study Material & Notes Download PDF

IBPS IT Officer – Professional Knowledge Book, IBPS Specialist Officer Study Material pdf, IBPS SO IT officer Professional Knowledge Syllabus details, IBPS IT Officer Data Communication and Networking Study Notes in Hindi pdf download

IBPS IT Officer – Professional Knowledge Book & Study Material 

: – Hello Readers, are you Specialist Officer IT candidates? If yes, then at first stage candidates must go through the relevant IBPS IT Officer – Professional Knowledge syllabus of topics which are most frequently asked in the examination. Following is a brief IBPS IT officer syllabus for the same and also a short index of IT Officer Handbook.

Dear Candidates, if you are going to participate in the IBPS SO IT Officer Exam, they first of all you must check and download the IBPS SO IT officer Syllabus Exam Pattern 2022. Also check the IBPS IT Officer Books and E-Books Free Download Pdf in Hindi and English.

IBPS IT Officer - Professional Knowledge Book, Study Material & Notes Download PDF

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  • Software & Hardware
  • Operating System
  • Networking
  • Information Security
  • Network Security
  • Software Engineering
  • Programming Languages
  • Data Warehousing & Data mining
  • Web Technology
  • Computer Organization & Microprocessor
  • Data Structure
  • Practice Sets
  • 1. Compiler, Interpreter, Loader and Linker
  • 2. Cloud Computing
  • 3. Oracle and PL/SQL

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IBPS Notes Pdf for IT Officer Professional Knowledge Section

IBPS IT Officer Scale I Professional knowledge questions Answer download

  1. Which of the Protocols below is used for sending email?

(1) HTTP (2) SMTP (3) TCP/IP (4) FTP

  1. Which of the following is NOT a feature of a word processor?

(A) Sending email (B) Mail Merge and letter assistant (C) Macros (D) Borders and shading

  1. An internal modem is usually connected to a computer via a(an)

(I) PCI slot (II) AGP slot (III) USB port (IV) PCI Express slot

  1. Which of the following give a list of memories in increasing order (slow to fast) of speed access?

(I) L1 Cache, L2 Cache, RAM, Hard Disk

(II) L1 Cache, RAM, Hard Disk, L2 Cache

(III) Hard Disk, RAM, L2 Cache, L1 Cache

(IV) RAM, Hard Disk, L1 Cache, L2 Cache

  1. Which of the following is NOT a function of the Operating System?

(1) Disk management (2) Memory management (3) Process management (4) Database management

  1. Communication between computers is achieved by networking computers together using connecting devices and setting up of strict rules for communication to take place. These ‘rules’ are more appropriately termed as

(1) Protocols (2) Browser (3) Web (4) Internet

  1. How many bits are there in a Kilobyte?

(1) 1024 (2) 8002 (3) 2024  (4) 1000

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